Monday, November 11, 2013

We Will Remember Them.

Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

John Ley Retallack
Born At Marazion, Cornwall,
England, December 2nd 1865
Died at Grande Prairie, Alberta
October 4th 1924

One of the many military and veterans' graves at Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  This particular monument, impressive though it is, gives little more than a hint about Major Retallack, O.B.E.'s military past and his influence on British Columbia's economy. For more about his military life, see his entry on the "Some interesting Retallicks of the past" web page on the Retallick Family site.

One of my own projects now is to continue to photograph all the military and military related headstones and plaques at Mountain View Cemetery. I intend to finish this next year - and to organize all my cemetery photographs to allow me to share them easily. I'm primarily interested in seeing that the British Columbia Genealogical Society has photographs of all these, but there are other projects on the go too.

The phrase "We Will Remember Them" is a refrain from the poem, Ode to Remembrance, written by Laurence Binyon in Cornwall. This poem is very often recited at Remembrance Day services in Canada. (Follow the link above to Laurence Binyon's biography and the words to the poem.)

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