Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese Canadian funeral procession, Victoria, BC, 1918

The Early Chinese Canadians, 1858-1847 is a new on-line exhibition from Library and Archives Canada.

Among the features of the exhibition is a 1918 film of a Chinese Canadian funeral procession in Victoria, B.C. I thought some of the readers of a previous post here about Victoria's Harling Point Chinese Cemetery would want to see this.

It would be interesting to know what research has been done about this event and the film.

My previous post -

Harling Point Chinese Cemetery, Victoria, BC,Canada, January 4, 2009:

The Early Chinese Canadians, 1858-1947, Library and Archives Canada:

Chinese funeral procession, 1918, Allan D Taylor collection, Library and Archives Canada:


J. Nicol said...

The archival record for this film clip says only "Victoria, B.C. Yates Street. Delegation of Chinese Canadians follows horse-drawn hearse to cemetery."

Apart from the date of 1918, we don't have any other information about the film! -- Jennifer Nicol, Library and Archives Canada

M. Diane Rogers said...

Thanks for that information. Someone might come across some other information - local BC papers did sometimes comment on events like this. I do read historical BC papers often so I will keep this in mind when reading about Victoria. Now I wonder too if it might be possible to read one or two of the banners shown in the film - the information may not identify the deceased, but I will ask a couple of people about that.